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Pet Diapers are the best thing that's happened for the estimated 600,000 pets that are incontinent, leaky, or have occasional embarrassing accidents. These happy guys are now allowed back in bed, up on the couch, in the car, and out in public because they're wearing the Peepers(tm) brand diposable pet diapers.

Sometimes, though, because of the shape and activity of the animal, the diapers don't stay on. Pet Suspenders are the answer!

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Our Pet Suspenders are available in two colors Make sure there are no "accidents" while you aren't looking. Order yours today!
Suspenders for Pets
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Dogs are probably the most popular candidate for this type of system. We take our dogs out into public and in cars with us. This removal from the comfortable surroundings of the back yard can be confusing for your dog and potentially embarrassing as dogs do not practice discretion when it comes to potty time. Choosing the proper harness size is as easy as measuring your Pets chest circumference. You can use a cloth sewing tape measure to determine this. See diagram below for details on measuring the animals chest size.
Suspenders for Pets
Suspender Size
Pets Chest Size
Pets Body Length


Measurements Using a seamstress tape (Cloth), measure around the thickest part the the dogs chest area. Refer to the chart below for measurement reference.


How does the harness attach?

A: The Sta-On uses Velcro straps and a slide buckle to allow adjustability as well as a firm hold on the diaper.

Q: Will the harness restrict my dogs ability to move, jump, run etc..?

A: Assuming the harness is adjusted correctly, the animals movement should not be affected.

Q: Do I have to take the harness on and off?

A: No, you can leave the harness on even if they aren't wearing a diaper.

Q: Do I need to buy pet diapers?

A: Yes, Our Peepers and PeepersPlus work well with the suspenders.